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SPRINT Robotics Demonstration Event at Rotterdam RDM-Campus

The SPRINT Robotics Collaborative is pleased to invite you to the upcoming SPRINT Robotics Demonstration Event at RDM-Campus, Rotterdam, The Netherlands, on April 18 and April 19 2018. This event is organised by SPRINT Robotics in cooperation with iTanks.

Using robotics in the domain of technical inspection and maintenance of capital intensive infrastructure is of vital importance because of the urgency to minimize the impact on safety and the environment. Developments in this domain are moving very fast, and we invite you to come and see some of the available solutions in action! 

Confirmed demonstrators:

April 18, 2018
11:00 – 16:30

April 19,2018
09:00 – 16:30

Rotterdam RDM-Campus
(close to Europoort)
RDM Training Plant
De Rotterdamweg 7
3089 JV Rotterdam
The Netherlands

Registration required

Registration still possible on the day.

The RDM Training Plant is a unique public-private partnership project in the heart of the port of Rotterdam. The commercial sector and technical education are joining forces here to construct a real-life training facility aimed at both technical students and existing staff in the petrochemicals and process industries. Copyright by Quasset.
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Call for Teams: World Robot Summit 2020

The deadline of applications to the Disaster Robotics Challenge of the World Robot Summit has been extended to March 15, JST.  The awards & prize, the travel support information and the detailed rules have been announced.  Please visit the following webpages, and consider your participation.

Due Date: March 15, 2018 JST (will not be extended further)


Awards & Prize:

Travel Support:

Theme of Category

On that memorable day, the strong shake grabbed me roughly by the shoulders.  I could not get up by my arms and legs.  The line between life and death was thin as a knife edge.  Lives dead, lives saved, and lives fed to the fire, were seen right under our nose.  Can robotics pin the faint hope to keep happy daily lives?  What values can robotics present for avoiding death in disasters?  How can robotics promote our safety and security?  This competition shall give a clue to the answers.


The Disaster Robotics Category considers problem-solving in the areas of infrastructure, disaster prevention and response, and aims to achieve particularly difficult tasks such as plant disaster prevention and tunnel disaster response using robots.

1. Plant Disaster Prevention Challenge (Real Robots)

This challenge focuses on Inspecting or maintaining infrastructures based on set standards (e.g. opening/closing valves).

Task P1: Daily inspection/maintenance

Task P2: Fault detection

Task P3: Diagnosis

Task P4: Disaster response


2. Tunnel Disaster Response and Recovery Challenge (Simulation)

This challenge deals with collecting information and providing emergency response in case of a tunnel disaster (e.g. life-saving, removing obstacles from tunnels).

Task T1: Traversing obstacles

Task T2: Vehicle inspection

Task T3: Vehicle inspection using tools and rescue

Task T4: Secure route

Task T5: Fire extinguish

Task T6: Shoring and breaching


3. Standard Disaster Robotics Challenge (Real Robots)

This challenge assesses standard performance levels (e.g. mobility, sensing, information collection, wireless communication, remote control on-site deployment, durability, etc.) required in disaster prevention and responses.

Task MAN1: Negotiate

Task MOB1: Catwalk (inspection deck)

Task MOB2: Grating/Checker plate

Task DEX1: Meter/Valve

Task DEX2: L-shaped obstacle

Task EXP1: Large-area inspection

Task EXP2: Duct/Culvert

Task SEC1: Secret


If you have any question, send an e-mail to

Please enjoy the latest results of *ImPACT Tough Robotics Challenge*  (2017.6 Eng)  (2016.11 Eng)  (2016.6 Eng)  (2017.6 Jap)

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