Action Groups

SPRINT Robotics Action Groups

The SPRINT Robotics Action Groups are focused, topic-specific groups committed to accelerating the deployment of robotics technologies for inspection and maintenance within different application areas. The SPRINT Robotics Action Groups defined are four areas that have the highest priority for improvement within the inspection and maintenance domain, as defined by the SPRINT Program Committee and reflected in the SPRINT Robotics Roadmap:

  • Storage tanks
  • Pressure vessels
  • Remote operators
  • Process piping

The four different Action Groups focus on tangible results and accelerated yet responsible adoption of robotic technologies. Each Action Group is led by an end-user; members are from the whole value chain, including a.o. end users, service providers and technology providers.
Action Groups have the responsibility to define and execute a coherent Action Program, including a concrete set of activities and deliverables, why the activities and tasks are being undertaken, how the group plans to achieve its goals, budgetary coverage and a timeline. All activities and deliverables of the Action Groups are in line with the SPRINT Robotics vision and mission.
In addressing the immediate needs and long term industry priorities within each application area, Action Groups can identify and resolve technical gaps, determine how to advance business readiness for these technologies, discuss how to overcome operational hurdles, generate track records for robotic solutions, and address obstacles in codes, standards and regulations so as to promote standardization.

Participation in the action groups is open to all (Associate) Participants of SPRINT Robotics.
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Action Group Storage Tanks
Coordinated by Vopak

Action Group Pressure Vessels
Coordinated by Chevron

Action Group Remote Operators
Coordinated by Dietsmann

Action Group Process Piping
Coordinated by Nouryon