Conference Banquet

SPRINT Robotics Conference Banquet

An unrivaled networking opportunity on an iconic ship: don’t miss this year’s SPRINT Robotics Conference Banquet which will be held on the SS Rotterdam, the former flagship of the Holland America Line.

SS Rotterdam
Tuesday October 22, 2019
7:00 – 11:00 PM

Transport to and from the SS Rotterdam will be by bus for all of those that have a Conference Banquet Pass. Please bring your Conference Badge or Banquet Pass to the event.
Conference Banquet Passes can be purchased online or at the Conference Registration Area.
Limited seats available!

We are pleased to announce that Thomas Krueger of the European Space Agency will be the keynote speaker at the banquet.

SPRINT Robotics Awards 2019
During the Conference Banquet, the following SPRINT Robotics Awards 2019 will be presented:

  • SPRINT Robotics Award for Ground-breaking Collaborative Work towards Acceptance of Inspection and Maintenance Robotics
  • SPRINT Robotics Award for Scaling of a Robotic Solution
  • SPRINT Robotics Award for New Innovative Technology in Inspection, Maintenance or Cleaning

Thomas Krueger received his M. Sc. degree in electrical engineering from the University of Rostock in 2005 continued there and obtained in 2008 his Ph.D. in the same field. Afterwards he worked as a control and software engineer for the wind turbine manufacturer Suzlon Energy. In 2010 he joined the European Space Agency as a research fellow at the Telerobotics and Haptics Lab where he supported the development to control robots on ground from orbit – the HAPTICS and INTERACT experiments. Currently, he coordinates the activities of the Human-Robot Interaction Lab. In the frame of the METERON project, he supported SUPVIS-Justin as a Co-Investigator and leads the developments of the robotics part of ANALOG-1, an experiment to control a rover from on-board the ISS.