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Take advantage of the opportunity to participate and contribute by becoming a sponsor at the second edition of the World Conference for Inspection and Maintenance Robotics.

By participating as a sponsor at this SPRINT Robotics event you will demonstrate your level of support and commitment towards the uptake of the Inspection and Maintenance Robotics industry.

SPRINT Robotics offers you the possibility to be a sponsor of the World Conference for Inspection and Maintenance Robotics. By sponsoring our event you will:

  • Get large scale access to your target market
  • Create positive publicity and heighten visibility
  • Get brand awareness
  • Make your company more recognizable
  • Strengthen customer relations
  • Improve the way you are perceived by your target audience
  • Create positive publicity and heighten visibility

SPRINT Robotics appreciates all sponsors for their dedication, support and contribution to the second edition of the World Conference for Inspection and Maintenance Robotics.



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Dow is leading the industry in innovating new technologies to remove workers from higher-hazard activities. As part of a 2025 LIFE multigenerational technology plan, Dow is increasing its efforts to use robots to do the job when there are increased hazards to consider. We believe that connecting chemistry and innovation can generate new ways to solve challenges and exceed customer expectations. We believe that taking the extra step to be socially responsible does not hold us back, but instead sets us apart. We believe in the worth of our people, in the value of each individual employee and their differing experiences, backgrounds and perspectives. We believe in the power of difference. Every day, we strive to build a culture that embraces innovation, responsibility and diversity.


Inspectioneering is your trusted source for information related to asset integrity management in the O&G, Chemical, and Petrochemical industries. Since 1995, Inspectioneering has dedicated itself to helping engineers and inspection professionals around the world keep their assets operating safely and reliably.

RoboticsTomorrow.com is an Online Trade Magazine featuring Products, Companies, News, Articles and Events for the Industrial Automation, Robotics and Unmanned Vehicle industries. With an emphasis on the state of the art and on the horizon technologies that have strong prospects of commercialization, our philosophy is to create an outlet where the industry can share information and report on itself.

Energy Industry Review is an independent media project including a broad range of media tools: print edition, web platform, industrial and corporate photography services, event planning services. The magazine focuses mainly but not only on Romania’s energy sector. By including interviews, analyses, various points of view, technical and innovative solutions and energy professionals’ articles, Energy Industry Review is an important disseminating vector for the industry in the Black Sea region, Europe and Middle East.

Robotics and Automation News covers the robotics and automation industries around the world. We publish this website, a monthly magazine and a weekly newsletter, as well as various industry and country briefings and books. Both the website and publications aim to summarize some of the more interesting developments in the two sectors of robotics and automation, which are directly linked, and often one and the same.