SPRINT Robotics Membership

Global Initiative
• Driven by asset owner needs
• Direction set by asset owners with close collaboration of Associate Participants
• Providing guidance for large and small companies, including engagement with the startup community
• Collaboration with other robotics research, technology developers and integrators to solve industry needs
• Accelerate the worldwide use of robotics for inspection, cleaning and maintenance


SPRINT Robotics Activities

• Bringing the whole value chain together, consisting of end users, service providers, technology developers, and more
• Compiling, expanding & disseminating robotics industry knowledge
• Compiling and maintaining a strategic roadmap
• Maintaining a network of all interested companies and institutions
• Commercializing robotic solutions for inspection and maintenance of capital-intensive infrastructure
• Exploring novel financial support mechanisms for robotic development
• Organizing roadshows around the globe that bring robotics to the doorstep of end users
• Hosting seminars throughout the year, as well as organizing the annual World Conference for Inspection and Maintenance Robotics


Reasons to Join
• Understand the industry needs
• Global networking
• Connect the value chain
• Develop best practices
• Fast-track innovations
• Remove barriers to entry
• Access to funding & project support
• Knowledge sharing
• Reduce cost, increase quality & control the risk of inspection and maintenance activities


Open exclusively to Asset Owners / Operators in all asset-based sectors

Benefits include:
• A seat on the Program Committee
• Give advice to and vote on governance issues (appointing board members of SPRINT Robotics, amendments to the articles, etc.)
• Determine and vote on priorities and budget spending of SPRINT Robotics to achieve its goals
• All Associate Participant benefits, as listed below



All companies, institutes and organizations, other than Asset Owners / Operators

Benefits include:
• Direct communication and exposure to Asset Owners/Operators interested in robotic based solutions
• Collaboration with other Associate Participants, including technology research and development, manufacturing, commercialization and service provider companies
• Listing on the SPRINT Robotics website
• Access to SR Community, the online knowledge base and community platform
• Free participation in SPRINT Robotics meetings and workshops
• Front-row seat with respect to SPRINT Robotic innovation projects
• Access to knowledge and support generated in SPRINT Robotics projects
• Newsletters exclusive to SPRINT Robotics

Overview of SPRINT Robotics Participants and Associate Participants

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