UKAEA’s RACE (Remote Applications in Challenging Environments) centre would like to invite you to attend the RAS in Challenging Environments Expo16 on 28th September 2016 at RACE, Culham, Oxfordshire.

The UK government is reviewing how it should commit itself to an investment in RAS (Robotics and Autonomous Systems) which includes consideration of ‘hazardous environments’. In order to ensure that any investment is used to convert innovative ideas to valuable products and services, connections between the inventions and markets needs to be fostered.

RAS in Challenging Environments Expo16 will provide the opportunity to:

  • network within the diverse RAS community
  • explore innovative real-world RAS applications
  • realise the potential of cross sector collaborations

All sectors are welcome.

The event programme will ensure that networking takes priority with floor space available for equipment demonstrations. Entry and exhibition space is free.

Over 20 exhibitions, talks and equipment demonstrations have been confirmed from a broad range of sectors. Opportunities to exhibit and present available. For more information and registration, please visit