About RIMA

RIMA is a European project to drive innovation in robotics for I&M by establishing a pan-European network of Digital Innovation Hubs. The objective of RIMA is to reinforce the leadership of Europe in I&M robotics by connecting technology to industrial/sectorial needs and foster efficient cross border cooperation in Europe.

The RIMA consortium consists of 16 leading research organizations from different European countries and 7 organizations representing end users of different sectors.

The RIMA Project is funded by the European Community.

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RIMA Sprint Robotics

RIMA Seminar

Driving Robotic Innovation in Inspection & Maintenance based on End user Needs and business drivers

Hosted by Shell in Amsterdam 5th February 2019.

Speakers and presentations:

Sieger Terpstra, Shell

Carmelo Garcia Santana, EMASESA

Abdul Basit Mohammad, Avinor

Anders Røyrøy, Equinor

Mark Gaddes, Network Rail

Rolf  Broch, Statnett

Kris Kydd, Total

Ville Lestinen, Fortum

Nathan Paterson, FORATOM