The first SPRINT Robotics roadshow in Southeast Asia was very well attended, drawing crowds at all seven locations in Malaysia and Singapore. Both the hosts and participants were enthusiastic about SPRINT Robotics’ initiative to bring digital and robotic technologies to the doorstep of end users. Participating companies throughout the roadshow included Baker Hughes GE Inspection Robotics, Cybernetix, Dandong Top Electronics Instrument (DDTOP), Eddify, Nexxis, Olympus, ROSEN, StoneAge Tools, and Texplore / SCG; hosts included BASF, Chevron, Petronas, Singapore Refining Company and Vopak.

The roadshow started with two events in Malaysia, followed by a full week of showcasing in Singapore. The final roadshow stop was at ASPRI Integrated Training Centre (AITC) in Singapore, with a full day of live robotic demonstrations from leading technology and service providers on relevant assets part of the training facility.

The Southeast Asia roadshow is an important marker for the region, looking forward to the 2020 edition of the SPRINT Robotics World Conference for Inspection and Maintenance Robotics which will take place in Singapore next November.