SPRINT Robotics 2020 Calendar

SPRINT Robotics 2020 Calendar

The SPRINT Robotics community is helping to fast-track the market readiness of robotic solutions for inspection, maintenance and cleaning.

Throughout the year many internal meetings are held such as:

  • Regional Chapter meetings
  • Action Group meetings
  • Program Committee meetings

SPRINT Robotics also runs many different kinds of events including:

  • Hosting seminars throughout the year, a combination of open seminars as well as ones exclusively for the SPRINT Robotics community
  • the annual World Conference for Inspection and Maintenance Robotics
  • Organizing roadshows around the globe that bring robotics to the doorstep of end users
  • Webinars

SPRINT Robotics Participants are end users and asset owners/operators.
SPRINT Robotics Associate Participants are all companies, institutions and organizations other than asset owners/operators.