In January 2015 SPRINT Robotics Collaborative is officially launched. Quasset is one of the initiators of this platform. The goal of SPRINT Robotics is to encourage the worldwide use of robotics for inspection, cleaning and maintenance in the Petrochemical Industry and other large infrastructures and to share more knowledge.

This will accelerate the market introduction. The deployment of robots in the domain of technical inspection and maintenance of cost intensive infrastructure is of vital importance because it will:

  • Improve human safety,
  • Minimise the impact on environment,
  • Reduce shutdown time due to the non-intrusive nature, avoiding human entry of vessels and other equipment.
  • Reduce costs for cleaning and scaffolding, required to enable human entry

In order to achieve these benefits, we need to accelerate in business development and market innovation to make robotics for inspection and maintenance available as a competitive service.