Webinar: Advancing Robotics for I&M in Water-intensive Industries

Focus on water:
Advancing Robotics for I&M in Water-intensive Industries

April 28, 2021
15:00 - 16:30 CEST
Virtual event

Safe and reliable access to water is a critical enabler for many industries. As water scarcity is becoming increasingly apparent, water-intensive industries are focusing closely on monitoring water use, treatment, and re-use across their operations. This has opened the door to the exploration of synergies between users (industries) and providers (utilities) of water to reduce inefficiencies in the water cycle.

Sustainable infrastructures play a crucial role in industrial processes, drinking water production and treatment, as well as the management of freshwater resources. They represent significant value in terms of their operational function and capital cost.

Robotics for I&M can play a key role in safeguarding infrastructures. Through increased collection of reliable data in remote, inaccessible, or hazardous environments in a manner that is safe, efficient and cost-effective, robotics can contribute to better water stewardship and a more sustainable future.

SPRINT Robotics and RIMA Network will co-host “Focus on water: Advancing robotics for I&M in water intensive industries”. The webinar is free of charge, registration is required.


Industrial Wastewater Treatment Eylem Yılmaz, TUPRAS
Robotic Technologies David Lamont, SQUARE ROBOTS
Utility Armando Quazzo, UTILITALIA
Robotic Technologies Michele Guarnieri, HIBOT
Digital Innovation Hub SINTEF
RIMA Project Peter Kopias, PONDSURVEY
Robotic Technologies Mike Sheehy, UTS

Please note: This webinar is free of charge; registration is required.